U.S. Presidential Inauguration-2017

In the chart of the U.S. presidential inauguration on January 20, 2017 in Washington, D .C. at 12noon we see Aries rising at 20:02 degrees.

  • Ruler Mars is utterly weak in infancy in the 12th house and debilitated in Navamsha which signals an administration unable to perform its duties without losses, expenses, and with deterioration.
  • The strong 5th house ruler, Sun, in the 10th house of public acclaim may offset these weaknesses to some degree.
  • The ruler of the 9th house of judiciary and foreign mission, Jupiter, and that of the 11th house of gains and hope, Saturn are weak in old age and in the 6th and 8th houses respectively showing disputes, debts, obstacles, and delay concerning the same.
  • Rahu afflicts malefic Mercury, ruler of the 6th house suggesting problems with finances, health plans, and conflict in advancing bills and in communication.
  • The Moon ruling the 4th house of domestic peace is weak in the 7th house thereby signaling an undercurrent of unrest. dasha
  • The main period of Rahu and subperiod of Venus preside over the beginning of the government. Venus rules the 7th house of foreign affairs and agreements and is weak because of its dispositor's weakness in the 8th house reflecting setbacks and delays in that arena.

The administration may find its footing after three years when the Sun subperiod emerges, but indications show a troubled beginning to the Trump administration.

Posted 1/19/2017