Abbey Road - Celebrating 50 Years!

Abbey Road Release Graph

I have a fantasy. It is August, 1969 and the Beatles approach me and ask for the best time to release their album, Abbey Road. Here are the world's most popular rock band consulting with me as their astrologer to divine an auspicious date that would assure the success of their creative output. Songs from the album such as Come Together, Something, Here Comes The Sun, and The End have etched their melodious magic into our consciousness over these past 50 years. And we'll always remember that iconic album cover of the four lad strolling across the zebra crossing (and have our own pictures taken in the same spot). The Beatles certainly completed their band career on the highest note with this collective work.

I promptly scan the ephemeris of planetary positions and employing the principles of elective astrology, calculate September 25-27 as the most auspicious time. I am promised an autographed copy of the album and eagerly await the release of what is to become the last recorded and most iconic of all the Beatles projects.

Aha! I found a time! How about late September, 1969? First of all, there are no Saturn transits to muck things up. That's a relief! And, we can count on some magical Chiron transits. But wait! I hadn't started practicing astrology until several years later and Chiron wasn't discovered until 1977! Well, remember this is a fantasy and I'm a sorcerer. And, that is why I was consulted in the first place! Abbey Road Cover

Let's back up. Why Chiron? It is an asteroid (some say comet) that orbits between Saturn and Uranus. Chiron is named after a Greek mythological character, half-man and half-horse, who was a great teacher, astrologer, and healer. When accidentally wounded by a poisoned arrow, despite being immortal and blessed with healing ability, Chiron voluntarily gave up his life for the Titan, Prometheus. Many modern day astrologers ascribe the meaning "wounded healer" to Chiron.

Research conducted by the Magi Society shows Chiron to be of primary importance in determining important astrological events such as starting a business, marriage or examining relationships between people's charts (known as synastry). It is the key to timing magical "Cinderella" moments. We look for positive aspects, within defined orbs, between Chiron and other planets in the geocentric (earth-centered) sky and the heliocentric (sun-centered) sky. Planet longitudes, declinations, and latitudes are used. In this case, from earth, we see Chiron quincunx Venus and contra-parallel Jupiter, and heliocentrically it is conjunct the Sun.

The accompanying graph shows the peak that launched a world-wide best selling album on September 26, 1969. I call it the Green Light Cycle. Note that the Red Light Cycle is low. This moment perfectly describes a fitting end to one of the world's most beloved bands.

Posted 8/28/2019