Arnold Schwarzenegger

California Governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger fractured his right femur on a skiing trip this past Saturday. Transiting Rahu-Ketu axis exactly afflicts Saturn's house. Saturn rules bones and transiting Saturn is weak. Additionally, transiting Ketu afflicts the eleventh house which signifies the right leg. He is in a weak Sun subperiod. Sun's house is afflicted by the transiting Ketu-Rahu axis and transiting Sun's dispositor is weak by poor placement and affliction from the nodes to its house.

I suspect that as a celebrity there is alot of 6th house worry for the privacy of his children (weak 5L Venus afflicted by Ketu). On May 1, 1997, Arnold and his wife were dropping off their son to pre-school when paparrazi blocked their car to take pictures. Note that this incident happened while transiting Ketu exactly afflicted his natal Venus. Ketu's 6H connection showed when the photographers were convicted for their stunt.

Arnold had an older brother who died in a car accident on May 20, 1971 (11L Mars in the house of losses) when transiting Rahu afflicted natal Mars which itself was transiting the 8H.

And look how strong Mercury, 4L, on 1MEP, has brought assets, confidence, and a strong body to his life. He was also very close to his mother who shared his birthdate.

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