Bono of U2

Bono is the popular lead singer for the Irish rock group, U2 and a social activist who has raised millions of dollars for and much awareness of the plight of undernourished and medically bereft third world peoples. For these efforts he was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2003.

Bono's birthtime gives him Sagittarius rising with a 29:29 MEP. Rahu sits directly on this at the 9H of fortune and aspects his 1H (mysterious-looking in his sunglasses). 3H is conjunct by Ketu (which causes criticism of him) and aspected by Rahu and Saturn (which reaches out to the masses. Saturn also aspects his 7H and 10H MEPS allowing him to reach out to others and bringing professional distinction. Sun, 9L, on the 5H and 11H MEPs brings creativity and earnings.

According to one website, Bono is worth 108 million pounds. See

Since Rahu afflicts the Sun (barely scrapes Saturn) and MEPs, it can't be good. I would imagine that in this case, the Sun, even though weakened by its affliction, slight old age, and weak Mars dispositor (whose house is afflicted by Rahu) has enough royal energy
to help the 5/11 houses it aspects. Also, Jupiter (although weakened by Rahu's affliction to its house) lends support to weak Venus, 11L.

It is interesting to note that backing the birth time off 5 minutes to 1:55am puts Rahu just outside the 2 degree affliction of the MEPs allowing Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Venus to be strong. Hmmmm. Was he really born at "two on the dot"?

Rodden Rating: A, Ed Steinbrecher quotes a mutual friend, from him, "Two on the dot."

Posted May 13, 2006.