Boy Scout Jamboree Mishaps

This week, the Boy Scout Jamboree held in Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia has been receiving alot of press for a series of unfortunate mishaps. Four scout leaders were killed Monday afternoon when the tent pole they were erecting touched a power line. Yesterday, 300 scouts at the camp were treated for heat exposure as temperatures climbed into the high 90's. They were further disappointed when a visit by President Bush was canceled. At the same time, the scouts learned the the U.S. Senate passed the Support Our Scouts Act the day before.

This chart is erected for the time the camp "raised colors" Monday morning (see schedule at

All planets are weak. The weak and afflicted chart ruler, Mercury rules the subperiod of the event.

The most malefic planet, Moon is placed on the most effective point of the 8th house of death-like experiences and obstacles. It also afflicts the 2nd house of family and status. Obviously, families of the leaders and the troops have been affected and questions are being asked about why the leaders built the tent under power lines.

At the time of the heat wave incident, transiting Moon was passing over weak Mars.

Jupiter rules the house of emotional well-being and is afflicted by the Rahu-Ketu axis, putting a pall over the week's events.

The one bright news about the U.S. Senate act is seen as Venus conjuncts the most effective points of the 1st and 7th houses. 

Chart posted on July 29, 2005.