Candice Night

Last month the planets revealed the life of guitarist-songwriter Ritchie Blackmore. This month Shayn Astrology examines the astrological chart of his talented wife, Candice Night who celebrates her 38th birthday on May 8.

From a very early age, Candice has immersed herself in the creative arts including music, theater, dance, vocals, writing, poetry, and modeling. She wanted music to be so much a part of her life that she interned at a New York rock station soon to find that around the corner was one of the most brilliant guitar players of this age, Ritchie Blackmore. She went on to sing backing vocals in Deep Purple and Rainbow. In 1997 she began writing the beautiful lyrics and singing lead vocals for their current project, Blackmore’s Night. Her musical gifts allowed her to learn such renaissance-era instruments as the shawm (a precursor to the oboe), cornamuse, and rauchpfife.

In this analysis we see a Virgo lagna (rising sign) ruled by Mercury which gives an intelligent, perceptive, and communicative personality. Candice appears to be sincere and dependable because a strong Jupiter rules her fourth house of character and inclination. In fact, she benefits from Jupiter’s conjunction to the third house giving her the gifts of excellent communication, imaginative writing, and successful initiatives. Further, Jupiter’s positive influence on the seventh, ninth, and eleventh houses have ensured a strong marriage and good fortune and earnings. It was during her fortunate Jupiter mahadasa (main period) from 1989 to 2005 that she met her future husband and collaborator, Ritchie Blackmore, toured, performed, and began their latest band project, Blackmore’s Night.

How can one not notice the strong Venus, lord of the second house and karaka (significator) of the arts and creativity in Candice’s horoscope? Its presence in the seventh house further solidifies her union with another musical being and brings her exceptional gifts to an appreciative public. It also ties her status and wealth to other countries. Much of her touring takes her to foreign lands where medieval castles provide the majestic background for her concerts.

A new 16 year period of Candice’s life began in December 2005, this time ruled by Saturn whose insistence on detail, patience, and health dominate. In September 2006, during a Saturn-Saturn period-subperiod, and just moments before stepping on stage for her first show in Paris in ten years, Candice suffered a ruptured cyst but managed to carry on with the performance. A look at the transits at that time shows transiting Saturn conjunct natal Ketu and transiting Ketu aspecting natal Saturn. Certainly not a very healthy time! Saturn is also known to bring its results after a period of maturity and on October 5, 2008 she was married to Ritchie after an 18 year relationship. Indeed, that is alot of time to allow a strong partnership to develop.

The most malefic planet for Candice is Mars as lord of the eighth house. It sits on the fifth house of progeny . Usually this placement denies or makes it very difficult to have children. Many times when this happens, the creative energy is channeled into charitable projects. She and Ritchie have generously put on many fundraisers for various causes.

Astral remedies are prescribed to strengthen weak functional benefic planets and propitiate the functional malefic planets thereby helping life to progress more smoothly. They include wearing white, silver, dark green, yellow, and royal blue colors. A kavach (protecting shield) can also be worn. She should avoid gold, orange, pink, red, black, dark brown, navy blue, gray, and faded colors.

Favorable gemstones include emerald, pearl , diamond, and yellow sapphire. Unfavorable gemstones are hessonite (gomedh), cat's eye (lasonia), ruby, blue sapphire and red coral.

Continuing with charitable giving will ameliorate the effects of her malefic planets. Other helpful charitable deeds are being of service to father, mother, younger brothers, elderly people and spiritual organizations/people. Also exercising patience and being considerate to the poor will be helpful.

When you see Candice Night perform, you observe a poised, radiant, and warmly genuine musician. She can thank her lucky stars and a strong natal Jupiter and Venus for that.

Happy Birthday Candice!