Dick Cheney

Today it was discovered that U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney has a blood clot in his left leg. He will be treated with blood thinning medication.

In SA, the left leg is ruled by the 9th house, which in the case of the VP, is governed by Mars which also rules blood. The house that Mars resides in natally is afflicted by Ketu from the 8th house. Mars is now transiting the 6th house of health and is aspected by natal Rahu. Both main period and subperiod planets are weak natally and in transit.

His stubborn, uncompromising personality can be attributed to a 1st house lord in the 6th house of conflict and a debilitated 7th house (dealings with the public) ruler, Saturn. Nodal afflictions to the even-numbered houses also make a contrary contribution.

Rodden Rating: AA, Stephen Przybylowski quotes data read from the B.C.

Posted 3/05/07