Frederic Francois Chopin

Frederic Francois Chopin was the greatest pianist composers of our world, IMHO. He perfomed his first composition at the tender age of seven, perhaps during his Venus subperiod, ruler of the arts. In 1829, during his Mercury subperiod, ruler of status, he received critical acclaim for his concerts in Vienna.

Another Venus subperiod found Chopin establishing himself in Paris where he was to be in demand as a pianist and teacher. This period was also a very productive one in which he composed many of his beautiful etudes and nocturnes.

During the subperiod of the malefic Moon in 1835, he became so ill from his consumption that he wrote his last will and testament. But, his time was not yet arrived.

From 1836 to 1837, Chopin was engaged to Maria Wodzinski, but because of his bad health, her parents called off the marriage. Chopin labeled this period, belonging to a Mars weakly situated in the 8th house, as "my sorrow."

However, Chopin found a ten year period of time, during his Jupiter main period, where he enjoyed a relationship with the nurturing yet eccentric writer, Aurore Dudevant, otherwise known as George Sand.

Finally, at 2:00 am on October 17, 1849, during the malefic Moon subperiod, Chopin passed away from pulmonary tuberculosis at 12 Place Vendome, Paris.

Chopin's exceedingly bad health is revealed in his chart. Notice the affliction of the most malefic planet Moon with Rahu, and both afflicting the second house which is ruled by Mercury, governing the lungs. Further, Mercury is extremely weak as it is in old age, combust, and in the malefic 6th house which is further exactly afflicted by Rahu. Also, Ketu exactly afflicts the 4th house which governs the lungs.

That he was helped in his illness by George Sand is reflected by Saturn, ruler of the 7th house of partnerships, exactly conjunct his 4th house. This same Saturn reaches across to the 10th house of profession giving his music popularity with the masses.

Rodden Rating: DD

Posted June 11, 2006.