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Astrology for Life: Be Your Own Vedic Astrologer

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Have you always been fascinated with astrology? Does your 'sign' match your personality and is your daily horoscope spot on? Join us to learn more about Vedic (also known as Hindu or Indian) astrology, which is quickly becoming popular in the United States for its uncanny ability to accurately describe people and forecast events. In this class you will discover the meanings of planets, signs, houses, and planetary periods. You will also learn how to easily build an astrology chart and interpret it. 

Feedback from previous students:

  • Shayn was very effective in sharing the basics of vedic astrology especially since he applied the concepts to the students' charts. Shayn is an excellent teacher and offered extra help outside class.
  • This class challenged me beyond my expectations! I have just begun my studies with this information. Great job Shayn! Thank you!
  • Shayn taught using our own charts which was great. He was also very knowledgeable about the topic and clearly passionate. This was so fun and something I never knew about until taking this class.
  • I really liked the personal touch of reviewing charts along with the lesson. Very knowledgeable instructor. Thank you Shayn. Very special to have a teacher who is passionate about the subject.
  • Interesting subject. The teacher enjoyed teaching this material.
  • Dr. Smith is a good teacher.
  • Very interesting subject. We covered a lot of material and the concepts were explained very well. Lots of good examples/charts. Excellent teacher!
  • The instructor was very enthusiastic about the subject and had a really good sense of humor.
  • The instructor is very generous with his time. He's very service-oriented.
  • I loved how empowering the topic and the way Shayn presented the material was. Thanks Shayn for sharing your expertise so patiently and generously!
  • Shayn methodically took us through the subject matter in a way that it made sense.
  • I just wanted to let you know how much I truly enjoyed your class.  You presented the material in a way that enabled me to see and understand the "Systems" approach at a high level.  Clearly I'll need to spend a lot more time understanding the detail and nuance, but it will be something I will definitely enjoy doing.
  • Shayn is very knowledgeable, passionate, and a very good teacher of vedic astrology.
  • I just loved the whole thing...want to take this again or move on to the advanced one.
  • Shayn explained the concept of Vedic astrology in a very clear manner. Loved the class!!!

5 week class begins April 26, 2017

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