The Announced Launch of the Space Shuttle, Discovery

NASA announced July 1, the launch date for the Discovery shuttle. See

Jul 13, 2005 3:50:47 PM +04:00 EDT
Cape Canaveral, Florida Longitude: 80W36 Latitude: 28N24

This chart is a disaster. All benefic planets are weak and the subperiod operating planet is the MMP (Most Malefic Planet). The lagna (first house) lord is in conjunction with the MMP and aspected by Rahu. Ketu and Rahu afflict the even-numbered houses as well as Mars and Mercury.

The launch director is quoted as saying "launching in the middle of the afternoon in the middle of July is going to be a challenge, let's face it."

I would add that his statement could be very prophetic. Let's hope the weather or some other factors delay the flight to a time that is more auspicious...

Chart posted on July 3, 2005.