Launch of Discovery Shuttle

NASA has given the green light for the space shuttle Discovery to launch on July 1 despite some objections that it may not be ready.

Lagna ruler, Ve, conjunct 8H, aspects 2H
Ra aspects Me
MMP Me subperiod ruler
Strong Sun conjunct 9H, aspects 3H
Weak Ju conjunct ASCDT, aspects 5H, 7H, 9H, Su
Weak Sa conjunct 10H, aspects 12H, 4H, 7H

I think there will be problems, especially given that Me (whose dispositor, Mo, is debilitated in Navamsa) is aspected by Rahu from the 6H and it is the subperiod lord in the weak main period of the lagna ruler. Perhaps not enough danger to seriously threaten the mission, given all the supporting benefic aspects, but enough to cause concern or postponement.

Notice that Mercury is slowing down to station at 7:25 Cancer before going retrograde and Rahu's speed is slower than normal which may intensify problems. I wonder if water may be involved (a rain delay?) as both Mercury and Rahu are in water signs.

Posted June 19 & 20, 2006 on SAMVA (Systems Approach to Mundane Vedic Astrology) Listserv

Posted July 1, 2006 to Shayn Astrology at 7:40am

As predicted above, the mission for July 1 was scrubbed within minutes of launch because of thunderstorm clouds in the vicinity. New launchtime is 3:26pm tomorrow, July 2.

The differences between the launch chart for tomorrow vs. today's are:

Ketu, in the 12th house, instead of Most Malefic Planet, Mercury, is the subperiod ruler. It's dispositor, Mercury, is still afflicted by Rahu from the 6th house.

10H lord, Moon, now is conjunct Ketu in the 12th house bringing loss of authority and public opinion.

Lagna ruler, Venus, still is in the 8th house of obstacles and delays.

This, still, is not a good chart for a $450 million launch project. Troubles will continue.

Addendum posted July 1, 2006 at 2:50pm, MDT.

July 2nd's mission has just been scrubbed because of bad weather. And it isn't looking any better for the next scheduled launch on July 4 at 2:38pm.

Once again, the chart ruler, Venus, is in the 8th house whose MEP is aspected by Ketu from the 12th. MMP, Mercury is the subperiod lord and it is aspected by Rahu. Mercury also afflicts the 10th and 4th houses.

This chart may be the worst of the three because of the additional malefic influences on the houses.

I heard that NASA launches at these times because the space station orbits overhead at the same time allowing the shuttle to catch up so it can dock.

I wish they employed an SA astrologer to help them out...

Second addendum posted July 2, 2006 at 2:20pm, MDT.

Problems are yet to come...

The shuttle launched successfully on the 4th of July, but problems with the mission are yet to come. Slow moving transiting Mercury, most malefic planet, comes into exact degree of affliction with natal Rahu on July 13. The following day it hits the most effective points of the 4th and 10th houses and then moves to an exact affliction with transiting Rahu whose speed has slowed considerably. There will be events around those dates that will upset peace of mind (4th house) for NASA administrators and the public (10th house).

The shuttle is expected to land July 17th at 8:12 am Central Daylight Time when transiting Mercury and Rahu are still locked together in exact aspect and conjunct the most effective points by 13 minutes of the launch chart. At the same time, in the United States chart, rectified by Jorge, transiting Rahu closely afflicts 11th lord Mercury, general significator of transportation, and particular significator of hopes and dreams.

This does not look good to me.

Third addendum posted July 8, 2006 at 8:35am, MDT.

Rectified NASA Chart by Jorge Angelino

The rectified chart is fitting in a number of ways:
a) Chart ruler, Mercury puts emphasis on travel and detailed calculations needed
b) Moon main period coincides with lunar preparations and launches
c) Mars, significator of initiatives and courage, is in its own MT sign
d) Strong Venus, 2nd house lord of status, is conjunct the 10th house MEP and aspects the 4th house gaining public attention and honor with domestic benefit from technology transfer
e) 12th lord, Sun, on the 11th house MEP and aspecting the 5th house, brings occasional loss of hope and emotional despair because of accidents (affliction from 8th house lord, Mars, from the 8th house).

I'm sure there are other observations to tease out of this chart. For example, today's successful conclusion of the latest Discovery mission coincides with a strong benefic Venus subperiod.

Can we conclude that launch charts aren't reliable? Perhaps not. Other launch charts in the past seem to predict well their missions. This mission was different because the launch was delayed several times...but the mission still remained the same. So, maybe the first launch chart of a mission is the only chart to observe. The intitial launch chart for this mission (July 1) accurately predicted the weather-related delays and shows a better overall mission than the launch chart of July 4th. In the future, it would be a good idea to analyze the launch and the NASA charts together.

Posted 7/23/06