The Solar Eclipse

The word eclipse comes from the Greek word "ekleipsis", which means being abandoned. The Chinese saw the eclipse as a dragon gobbling up the Sun. In fact their word for eclipse is "chih" which means "to eat". The Hindu scriptures refer to the solar eclipse as "Surya Grahan" which is described as the demon Rahu swallowing the Sun.

In light (pun intended) of these observations it is not surprising that the ancients viewed eclipses as inauspicious events. It must have been frightening when the lights suddenly disappeared. Holy mantras are chanted in India to minimize its effect. In China people would bang pots and make loud noises to frighten the evil dragon away from devouring the Sun.

On Thursday, September 1 a solar eclipse occurs around 3:00am Mountain Daylight time. Although it can't be observed in North America, the effects are reflected in our lives as revealed by our astrological charts. The chart above shows The Moon and Sun at 15 degrees in the fifth sign of Leo along with Rahu (Moon's North Node) at 18 degrees opposite Ketu in the eleventh sign of Aquarius. Contributing to this alignment is an aspect from Saturn in the eighth sign of Scorpio. Saturn strips away unnecessary elements in our lives and demands discipline and responsibility.

Although each of us experiences eclipses differently, expect some external and/or internal shifts in the ebb and flow of daily life. In this chart, we might suggest that dreams and wishes will face some setback, perhaps financially. It is not a time to begin new ventures or expand existing ones. Instead, it is best to realistically evaluate one's goals and proceed cautiously.

Eclipses manifest as brief power outages which may range from inconvenience to inconceivable. Our personal and world views may change accordingly. In any event, the power comes back on and new light is shed on the path.

Posted 8/26/2016