U.S. Presidential Election - 2020

This is a summary of an online presentation given on October 16, 2020.

On November 3, 2020 the Sun is in Libra.The Sun is leadership, authority, and government and it is always in its debilitation in this sign from mid-October to mid-November. No wonder the U.S. has problems at election time. In the Ratified United States Constitution chart we are currently in a difficult Rahu sub-period of a Sun main period. Lunar node transits to their natal positions will seriously produce disharmony on Election day. The Saturn transit challenges natal Mercury bringing communication delays and disputes. Mars adds to the stress with its aspects to the seventh, tenth, first, and second houses. Obstacles and confusion are the order of the day.

Election Day Chart-United States


Donald Trump’s chart shows he is in a less favorable position than he was during the 2016 elections. He is in the weak sub-period of Saturn which natally resides in his house of losses. In transit is in the contentious and challenging sixth house. The lunar nodes have returned to their natal positions along with transit Moon which significantly weaken the fragile relationship they had at birth…and they are doing it in the houses representing profession and mental peace. Rahu makes an aspect to natal Jupiter which is weak in transit thus decreasing his opportunities.

Election Day Chart-Trump


Joe Biden’s chart on election day shows slightly more optimism, but he has problems also. He is in his Rahu sub-period which doesn’t do him any favors especially as it transits his eighth house of obstacles and delays. Natally it aspects his Moon which has caused him many problems over his lifetime. Mars and Venus transit through the challenging houses further impeding any progress.
To Joe’s credit Sun and Mars favorably influence one another giving him some sense of purpose and energy. Additionally Mars puts a good spin on the house of self as well as the house of good fortune. It provides support to warding off losses (twelfth house) and enemies (sixth house). Transit Saturn favorably transits natal Jupiter bringing the support of the masses to his initiatives in the tenth house of public standing.
If there is no stand-off on election day, the influences in Joe Biden’s chart stand him a better chance of election.

Election Day Chart-Biden

And if there is a stand-off? To say that this election will be a wild ride is an understatement. There will be plenty of confusion and misinformation.

The Visual Vedic Astrology Forecast favors Biden until December 12 several days beyond the Safe Harbor Day, December 8, when votes are to be certified by the states and electoral college votes settled.

On December 12 the lunar nodes eclipse Mercury the significator for communication and news. This is two days before the Electoral College casts votes for the U.S. President. Trump takes a big leap after the 12th.

Inauguration day on January 20th looks better for Joe Biden.

Election Day-Trump Visual

Election Day Biden Visual

In summary: Joe Biden may edge Donald Trump in the polls but the election results may be thrown into disarray to be determined at a later time. Biden shows a more optimistic chart before December 12. Trump is seen in a more favorable position after December 12. On or near December 12 there may be some issues that throw doubt on results. Inauguration day on January 20th looks better for Joe Biden.

Posted on October 21, 2020