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2020 Planetary Pandemonium: An Astrological Look at the 2020 Upheavals With Astrologer Shayn Smith, Ph.D.

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March-October 2019

Transiting Saturn and the Lunar Nodes

From April to October 2019 while transiting Saturn is under the close aspect of the nodal axis, things ruled by Saturn will be challenged. They include labor workers and unions, the elderly and nursing homes, real estate, research, science, engineering, miners and mining, iron, steel, and crude oil. Exercise caution with regard to knees, bones, joints, and teeth.

Posted end of March, 2019

Here are some of the resultant events:

  • 25,000 Chicago teachers strike demanding higher pay as well as teachers in states such as Colorado, Arizona, Oklahoma, Massachussetts, Washington and West Virginia
  • 50,000 UAW laborers at General Motors wanting better pay
  • 2000 Arizona and Texas copper mines and smelter workers went on strike against no raises in the past decade
  • Thousands of Mack Truch workers strike
  • National Nurses United walk-out protesting lack of lunch and other breaks
  • Airline catering workers and mechanics strike
  • German airline cabin crews strike
  • British Airways pilots strike affecting nearly 200,000 passengers
  • In July the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported increased abuse deficiencies in nursing homes
  • In October, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) launches icon on its website of nursing homes where patients were abused
  • Attack on Saudi Arabia's biggest crude-processing plant knocked out half the country's output in September
  • In late October, mortgage rates increased for the third straight week

July 2019



Sunday has a nice layering of creative, restless, and disciplined energies. Specifically. enjoy meeting influential people or finding yourself in an environment where there is a greater sense of freedom and power. Channel that intensive work energy into doing something innovative. And find an area of interest to master perhaps one that involves a big dream or some spiritual quest.

Monday's energy continues the mastering theme plus throws in a nice meandering of the mind to far reaching or exotic places that you may wish to share with others.

Tuesday, the creative vibe returns to strive toward something big. This also a day to accomplish something for someone or some thing you love.

Some excitement is in the air on Thursday so have fun with it and enjoy the beauty it brings. It is good day to share good times with others.

Mercury is the center of attention on Friday so clothe ideas, thoughts, and words in a way that transcends the ordinary and serves a greater purpose.

Don't allow your desires to get away from you on Saturday. Instead, harness your dreams and find a fun and creative outlet for them. And while you're at it, make a disciplined effort to really learn something beautiful.

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Look at the noodle soup starting the week, yikes! I'll help sort through the tangled web of vibrations we're looking at. First, notice the black line representing the accomplishment/achievement cycle dominating most of the week. This energy gives the drive and motivation to meet and overcome challenges and achieve goals. Use this time to break through barriers. Specifically, this points in large part to quick exchanges of information, new insights that come in a flash, and a sudden impulse to investigate something. Use your speech and words carefully and patiently though as there may be some irritability in the air.

At the same time look for ease of appreciating and expressing something charming in an exciting way on Monday. This vibe is also coupled with a restless yearning to do the hard work necessary to communicate something, perhaps writing an email, a memo, a blog, a speech, or saying what needs to be said. Again, be mindful to do it tactfully. Oh, and yes you can have fun delving deep into those things you are curious about and stretching the mind to ponder the bigger picture. Use your beautiful words to lift yourself and other above the ordinary hum-drum existence. Step into the gift of your eloquence.

After the busyness of the first few days we settle in to that creative vibe in mid-week. This is followed by Friday's constantly moving energy that wants to act rebelliously. Be sure to exercise proper restraint and resist the urge to do things impetuously. Instead, marvel at how you are dancing to the beat of a different drummer and somehow feeling real good about that! If you can sit still enough Friday is a good time to practice something in order to master it.

Some creative and innovative energies lead us into the weekend. Overall, this should be a vibrant week of activity. Remember to breathe!

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June 2019



The dominating energies starting off the week are that of innovativeness and discipline. Combined, this suggests we can give focus to something with the intent on elevating it to a higher level. Venus, the attraction to beauty, is involved in both these harmonic waves so we know that it will use poetry, art, music, photography, love, or some other sensual way to accomplish this mission.

Tuesday's and Wednesday's interactions call for us to bring curiosity about an ideal to manifestation by communicating about it clearly. These dreams may have been deeply held for some time and now asks for us to make them tangible.

The 4th of July U.S. holiday sees a surge in restless energy that seeks immediate release. There is something simple, stark, and beautiful about this energy. Focus on what is essential and that will endure over time. More restlessness appears on Friday and seeks release in some big and beautiful way.

As the weekend begins we are tasked with the responsibility of understanding and communicating our wishes and desires. Identify and bring that star down from the night sky and clothe it in meaning and expression. Now that's a reach but a truly rewarding one!

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Sunday starts us off with lots of good vibrations including a vibe that propels us beyond the ordinary with enthusiasm and optimism. Be sure to communicate with well-measured and thought-out speech and words. The goal of achieving some beautiful dream or ideal can be worked on and achieved on this day and into Monday. Imagine doing this with plenty of exuberance and pleasure!

You can use social media and other public platforms on Tuesday to share a positive and inspiring message that lifts minds and hearts. Make it good, I'll be looking for it!

On Wednesday, discover how easy it is to learn, study, or master a subject of interest. You may have the opportunity to share it later.

Have some fun on Thursday developing and creating something. It may involve some attention to detail and focus but the point is to make it simple and useful.

As Friday unfolds into Saturday observe how you can be the someone you've always wanted to be. Here is an opportunity to cheerfully expand your sense of self-esteem. At the same time, appreciate others who are doing the same. It's a wonderful energy to observe when expressed with selflessness.

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There are plenty of opportunities at the beginning of the week to focus on something meaningful and understand it in a way that perhaps you never could before. Use this time to hone a craft, practice a speech, rehearse some music and otherwise become even more adept at shining in a particular sphere of your life. There is a strong Uranus-Pluto energy at this level that pushes us to excitedly pursue something deeper and transformational. Enjoy the mystery of it all!

The beginning of the week also urges us to seek peace and community with others especially along spiritual lines or in the reach for something beyond our own universe and understanding. There can be exhilarating glimpses into the beauty of the world that can be spun into a flowing effort with others resulting in harmony and goodness.

Also, at the beginning of the week be prepared to achieve bigger-than-life dreams with a sense of purpose and deep pride. Writing, speech, and other forms of communicative expression are emphasized here at this time.

Underscoring all these planetary vibrations is the spirit of creativity and fun. Particularly Sun, Mercury, and Mars are emphasized at this harmonic giving a soul-brightening chance to explore new knowledge and express it in a way that lifts others high along its wavelength. Should be an illuminating ride!

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The first half of the week is dominated by the vibration to achieve a big dream. Be sure to do it with style and originality. Opportunities to achieve something large and beautiful are presented in the second half of the week. 

Sunday sees a convergence of energy that help study or practice an area of interest, rise above the ordinary, and enter into community with others.

Monday and Tuesday can be good days to take that restless energy and channel it into an area where you can experience greater freedom, power, and beauty.

Toward the end of the week you'll have an easy time learning something or focusing on a project. You can sail into the weekend doing something beautiful and pleasurable as your main priority. Now, that sounds simply delicious!

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Astrovibragrpah for june 2nd

The week starts out with the winding down of that transcendant energy from Saturday replaced with new feelings of community and discipline. This could manifest as working together for a common goal such as a community project or a meditation group. The idea here is to look for meaning in whatever produces beauty that will last for a lifetime and beyond. Shortcuts will not work so plan well.

Monday asks you to be playful and create at a big level. Nothing small needed here. You may be exerting a bit of energy to produce but it will be enjoyable and rewarding.

The opportunity to accomplish projects and tasks presents itself from Monday all throughout the week and mainly involves the planets Jupiter and Neptune. Take time to achieve some big dreams and feel the sense of pride that comes as a result.

That Mount Everest of a crest on Thursday into Friday is an invitation to put effort into being and expressing something beautiful by going above and beyond the ordinary. It is a time to answer the call of using your creative and loving gifts in a very unique way and experiencing the transcendant quality of reaching the mountain peak.

Friday and Saturday has you moving restlessly to grow beyond your current circumstances. Feel the beat and move accordingly. The weekend looks like a time to continue tackling the challenges brought up at the beginning of the week.

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May 2019


As the week begins a feeling of excitement and depth about a beautiful ideal may inspire you to reach beyond the ordinary. Allow yourself to expand and enjoy the uniqueness that this vibration brings. On Monday you'll be rarin' to go so go ahead and achieve something big with that restless energy. You may find that engaging in a task or some responsibility is actually enjoyable now.

By mid-week the planetary alignments offer an opportunity to study, participate in stillness, or be involved in some quiet activities.

Thursday is a good day to tackle challenges and achieve something. The result may have you feeling the joy of achieving a dream.

You may experience that peaceful, easy feeling on Friday with the emphasis on accomplishing something beautiful. Ride that wave into the weekend and transcend the yearning to find the meaning of life.

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On Sunday have fun accomplishing something. You'll feel a bit special at the end of it all. That creative and achievement vibe ramps up on Monday. Allow dreams to grow big and feel free to communicate them somehow. This energy surge is followed by a huge dose of restless energy on Tuesday. Channel that energy into simplifying information, arriving at the core of an issue, and then acting on it. Blow it up, then whittle it down...that seems to be the pattern the first part of the week.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday take a trip into the land of uniqueness where big yet detailed and well-thought-out ideas can be acted upon giving a sense of pride. You'll head into the weekend compulsively drawn to beauty expressed in an amazingly innovative way.

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Astrovibragraph for May 12

The week begins with a beautiful dance of transcendance and peace energies. It is a time when you may easily rise above the ordinary and be something original and unique. This may be accomplished by sorting through information to get to the heart of what has enduring and lasting beauty.

The middle of the week is marked by a persistant push to achieve something extraordinary. This mission is best accomplished in a kaizen kind of way which is a measured step-by-step approach. Slow and steady wins this race. You'll be graced with the ability to easily deal with hard core issues.

That towering yellow line on Friday and Saturday is an invitation to focus meaningfully and rehearse diligently on some big dream and ideal. Bring that pie in the sky down to a level where you can actually take a bite out out of it and delight in its yumminess! You can then waltz into the weekend feeling on top of the world.

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May 2019 Astrovibragraph

On Sunday take that restless energy and channel it into something you'd like to focus on such as a subject of interest, a hobby, a project, or a sport. You'll have whatever it takes to get it done.

That disciplined energy intensifies through mid-week and is supplemented by the drive to accomplish something. Whatever it is you are striving to do, do it in a simple and direct manner but be careful not to talk or write too bluntly as to hurt feelings. You may experience flashes of original inight which help fuel a dream. Do not let these sudden visions make you overlook important facts and details, though.

Toward the end of the week it will be easier to understand major issues such as life, death, and sex. You may even take this knowledge to planfully expand beyond the usual and enjoy a rather unique perspective of what has been pretty ordinary.

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May 2019 Astrovibragraph

The week starts off with the energy to accomplish and achieve something...chores around the house, projects you've been wanting to check off your list, etc. Monday will feel like a flat tire as there seems to be no wind in the sails. Don't allow yourself to feel down about this. It's like riding the surf. Sometimes you catch the wave and other times you wait it out.

And sure enough, Tuesday brings a smooth, peaceful easy feeling as you ramp up for some mid-week activity of meeting challenges again, this time with a feeling of transcending the mundane. In particular you rise above the ordinary in a planful and expansive manner while accepting the consequences of your actions. Feel free to strip away anything unessential, leaving that which has lasting beauty. What remains will be appreciated beyond measure and will seem opulent.

On Friday indulge those dreams and attraction to the beautiful things in life for they will inspire you to reach high and feel the uniqueness that is truly you. They may be found in nature, material things that draw you, or other people. In the end though it is the beauty deep within you from which to draw your inspiration. Now that's a gift worth sharing!

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April 2019


April 2019 Astrovibragraph

The week begins with big Mastery/Discipline energy which gives the focus and discipline needed for studying or practicing schoolwork, something related to your profession, or hobby. You may find it will go better by doing it with someone else. The high Creativity/Fun line shows that this focus will not be a drag but really enjoyable and creative. 

Be inspired to accomplish tasks and goals during this time as well. Toward the end of the week still expect to meet challenges but minus the concentration and fun. 

The following weekend begins with a cycle when you are not content with the ordinary and instead wish to transcend and excel at a higher level.

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January 2017

U.S. Presidential Inauguration-2017

Please see my analysis of the U.S. Presidential Inauguration of 2017.

January-February 2016

RahuKetuImage On December 20, 2015 on my Facebook page, I predicted:

Prolonged Transit of the Nodes Conjunct Jupiter
January 7 - February 15, 2016

Be very cautious during this time. Focus your efforts deliberately and do not attempt to overextend yourself. You may hear news concerning issues of church, religion, judges, publications, and scandal.

The following events happened:

  • With regard to the publications prediction above, Sean Penn's article on El Chapo appeared in the online Rolling Stone article Jan. 9, a day after the Mexican drug lord was captured. Now, Penn is saying he regrets the entire discussion on the article.
  • Antonin Scalia, Justice on the Supreme Court, Dies at 79 on February 13, 2016 in Texas.
  • On February 12, Pope Francis met with the head of the Russian Orthodox Church and signed a declaration on the persecution of Christians by ISIS.
  • Republican candidates have recently brought up the importance of religion and their faith in their lives. According to the Pew Research Center, not believing in God is viewed by voters as worse than having a relationship outside of marriage.
  • Scandal: 78 year old Bill Cosby was once in again in the news in early February when a judge ruled that he can still be prosecuted despite a 2005 decision not to charge him with crimes for sexually assaulting women.