George Harrison

This month marks the fifth anniversary (now 18th) of the death of my favorite Beatle, George Harrison. He gifted the world with his enormous musical talent, quick wit, and deep spirituality. Here I use his corrected birth time of 11:42pm, February 24, 1943 in Liverpool, England.

His charm and musical aptitude arise from his Libra ascendant whose ruler, Venus, is exalted but located in the challenging sixth house of lawsuits, health issues, and financial problems. This placement is reflected in his dispute with the British government (heard in the song, "Taxman") and his legal brooha over his song "My Sweet Lord."

His tenth house ruler, Moon, governing profession and the mind, conjuncts his ascending degree (Most Effective Point-MEP) bringing fame and mental alacrity into his life.

His deep spirituality and most popular song "My Sweet Lord" can be seen in his strong Jupiter placed in its natural ninth house. This placement also brings good fortunes and reveals his charity (benefit concert for Bangladesh).

An old-age Mars, ruler of his seventh house of partnerships plus Rahu's affliction to the seventh house, brought disappointments in his marital relationship with Patty Boyd (whom he divorced) and in his business partnership with the Beatles and their Apple corporation.

Rahu also brought unexpected calamities to friends as represented by the eleventh house (John Lennon, Roy Orbison).

A strong, malefic Mercury does not afflict and thus brings benefits from foreign lands from the twelfth house into the fourth house of personal assets.

Saturn, ayushkaraka representing longevity of life, is very weak as it is placed in the eighth house and is debilitated in Navamsha. George was in the main period of his Most Malefic Planet (MMP), Mercury in the subperiod of the Sun (whose dispositor is the weak Saturn) when he transitioned to the spiritual world on November 29, 2001. The cause was lung cancer (Rahu afflicts third house) that had metastasised to the brain (Ketu afflicts the first house).

We were robbed too early of this great human being.

Rodden Rating: A

Reposted 10/25/2019

Originally Posted 11/23/06