Gene Simmons

Born in Israel and moving to the United States when a child, Gene Simmons is the co-founder of the wildly popular rock band, Kiss, formed in the early 1970s. He lives the rock 'n roll lifestyle dream of fame, money, and women. He continues to play and record music. He also produces and acts in movies and television shows, plus markets the Kiss merchandising line. Simmons now lives in Beverly Hills, California with his partner of over 20 years, former Playboy playmate, Shannon Tweed. They have two kids.

The most effective point (MEP) of the first house of persona is closely aspected by the eighth house ruler, Venus. The eighth house governs the occult and with the strange Rahu in the first house, accounts for the the blood-spitting, fire-breathing character, the Demon, Gene portrays in Kiss. And oh, that tongue!

Although very much commited to a partnership (seventh house Mercury exalted in its own sign conjunct Moon and aspected by Jupiter), it is not in the traditional sense. He is not married to Shannon. Venus, a malefic, is debilitated and conjuncts the seventh house MEP. The energy of the planet governing marriage, Venus, is thus behaving in an unusual way. Jupiter's helpful aspects to Mars, ruler of the second house of wealth, family continuance, and status will bring prestige. Jupiter also aspects the Mercury-Moon pairing in the seventh house of partnerships. So, the relationship has benign assistance.

Fame? Remember, Jupiter rules the tenth house of recognition and profession. It is placed in the eleventh house of dreams and earnings. Hmmm. It receives good vibes (aspect) from the ruler of the status and wealth house, Mars.

And what about his legendary libido? Mars, signifying sexual energy and the Moon, representing the fifth house characteristic of passion, are favorably aspected by benefic planets. Desirous Rahu in Gene's first house further gives way to his impulsive impetus.

Rodden Rating: A

Posted February 27, 2006.