John Denver

While watching a show the other night about American folk singer-songwriter John Denver, I was inspired to take a look at his chart.

Venus, karaka for musical talent, is unafflicted, well-placed, and almost full strength in the powerful kendra of the seventh house. He gave the gift of music to others, who in return, adored him.

The Moon, is located in another powerful kendra, the midpoint of the tenth house of profession. A royal planet, the Moon also acts like the royal Sun because of its third house rulership. This placement assured that his writing and initiatives receive public acclaim. The Moon's close aspect to the fourth house guaranteed unbelievable assets (an estimated $20 million estate) from his career.

The benefic Sun, ruler of assets, is closely placed on the eighth house midpoint and directly aspects the second house. This placement beneficially resulted in unearned income, wealth, family (two adopted children and one natural child), and status.

Rahu and Ketu, debilitated in Navamsha, closely afflict the midpoints of the odd-numbered houses bringing difficulties to their significations including a temper and inclination to cheating (fifth house of emotions), broken marriage (seventh house), diminished good fortune (tenth house), and accidents to his physical body, particularly the airplane accident that ended his life on October 12, 1997 during a Ketu main period and Rahu subperiod.

Rodden Rating: AA, Quoted Birth Certificate/Birth Record

Posted 5/23/07