Jimi Hendrix

After 40 years, the images are still vivid. Fire being set to a Fender Stratocaster guitar on stage, the electrifying strains of the Star Spangled Banner, the musician and instrument as one as soul is poured into the wrenching solo of Purple Haze. To this day, Jimi Hendrix remains high atop the pinnacle of the rock kingdom...his uncanny mastery of the guitar and his brilliant showmanship etched forever in our memories.

Jimi was born to a soldier off to war and an unfaithful, drug-abusing mother. He was to see his dad for the first time at the age of 3. His mom died of cirrhosis and hepatitus when he was 15. Notice the strain on family (2nd house Most Effective Point) exerted by the Most Malefic Planet, the Moon, from its position in the ominous 8th house. Further, four of Jimi's younger siblings were placed in foster care because of disabilities. This is seen from the close influence of the Rahu-Ketu axis on the 3rd house, whose ruler, Saturn is badly placed in the 6th house.

His captivating guitar playing style is revealed by the numerous aspects to Venus housed in the mysterious and deep Scorpio. Venus's placement in the 12th house and its combustness added an unusual expression to its creative energies.

Rahu's aspect to the 1st house and the malefic Moon's conjunction to the 1st house ruler, Jupiter, in the 8th house, gave Jimi a rather charismatic and self-destructive persona. His death, due to an overdose of sleeping pills, occurred in the Rahu sub-period of the badly placed and combust Mercury main period. One of the prime determinants of longevity, Jupiter, is placed in the 8th house and afflicted. The ayushkaraka, Saturn, is badly placed in rashi and is debilitated in the Ashthamsa (D8) divisional chart of longevity.

His birthday this month marks what would have been Jimi's 66th year. It's hard to imagine what other spectacular contributions he would have made had he lived on. It's even harder to imagine rock music without him.

Posted 11/09/2008