Jim Morrison

I recently saw a documentary about the popular 1960s band, the Doors, and their mythic front-man, Jim Morrison. What is happening in the chart of this mystical poet that made him self-destruct at the young age of 27?

Jim was born to a naval officer whose frequent tours of duty kept them apart. This can be seen as Mercury, lord of the 9th house of father, is placed in the 12th house of distant places. His absence in Jim's life and later Jim's false declaration that his parents were deceased, is borne out by 12th house lord (losses), Jupiter's, aspect to Mercury. Ketu's influence on the 9th house also contributes to issues with father and later to those in authority. Jim's mother raised him and his two younger siblings. He had no older sibling reflected by the most malefic planet, the Sun, placed on the most effective point (MEP) of the 11th house of older siblings. 

His strong Moon (mind) on the 4th house MEP (education) and strong 4th house lord, Mars, in the 5th house (understanding) made him a good student. It is said his IQ was a high 149. But, he was continually in trouble due most likely to Ketu and Rahu's influence on his ascendant. With this configuration, is it any wonder he was fascinated with reptiles and liked to be referred to as the "Lizard King"? This nodal influence, Rahu's impact on the 3rd house of initiatives, along with the Sun's aspect to his emotional being (5th house), created his self-destructive behavior.

Jim enjoyed writing poetry which can be seen from Rahu's aspect to the 3rd house of writing and his strong Venus in the 10th house. His fans adored him as evidenced by his strong 7th house (others) ruler, the Moon (the public), aspecting the 10th house (the public) MEP. But because of Ketu's affliction to his ascendant and Saturn's extreme weakness, his living days were numbered. Jim passed away on July 3, 1971 during the weak Saturn subperiod in a Paris apartment due to apparent drug and alcohol abuse or heart failure, whichever story you choose to believe. Other rumors abound as to the cause of death. No autopsy was performed.

"This is the end, beautiful friend..."

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