Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina lashed into the southern United States at 6:30am on August 29, 2005 with 140 mile an hour winds. Nearly a half million residents of New Orleans were evacuated. Thousands are feared killed. Billions of dollars of damage is reported. Looting and lawlessness is rampant. President Bush cut short his vacation to handle the federal emergency relief efforts.

The chart shown is the transit chart of the United States at the time of the hurricane's landfall. The U.S. chart was developed by Jorge Angelino, a Systems Approach astrologer who used more than 100 events to rectify it, after knowing that the vote for independence was on July 2, 1776. Birth time is 4:48:46pm in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Ketu, Rahu, and transiting debilitated Venus afflict each other and Jupiter signifying losses and expenses (12L Venus), damage to wealth, status, and family (2L Jupiter). Mars also adds its malefic influence to Mercury, 6L, negatively affecting communications, income, and hopes.

The odd-numbered houses receive afflictions from the lunar nodes with the 5th and 11th houses additionally ruined by the Venus aspect.

The birght spot is the strong, benefic Sun which brings relief from authorities (10th house) to assist the thousands left without homes (4th house).

Life will never really return to normal in this major southern city, but in February, 2006, the lunar nodes leave their five degree aspect of the most effective points, bringing about a renewed optimism in the aftermath of this horrific storm.

Chart posted on this site September 1, 2005.