The London Bombings


The BBC reported yesterday that the bombs that detonated in three parts of the London subway system happened simultaneously at 8:50am last Thursday.

Many afflictions mark the transits in this chart. Rahu and Ketu almost conjoin their natal places creating tension at home (1st house) and abroad (7th house).

Malefic transiting Mars (most malefic planet) further adds its fiery nature to the volatile transiting Rahu/Ketu axis plus afflicts the transiting Sun (12th house lord of losses).

Transiting Sun in the 10th house afflicts its own natal position in the 4th house bringing losses to the homefront and domestic peace (4th house).

Transiting malefic Saturn conjoins the infant and weak transiting Moon in the 11th house.

Further, The Rahu/Ketu axis afflicts the weak natal Mercury (1st house lord) and Venus (2nd house lord) planets in the 3rd and 5th houses wounding the very nature of the UK (1st house) and its status (2nd house).

Chart posted on July 10, 2005.