Lottery Winner - Relocated Chart

Now that Powerball in Colorado is up to $87 million, it would be fun to examine the chart of a lottery winner. And dream. Above is the chart of a lucky individual, born in Paris, who won $2 million on March 18, 2000 in the Melbourne Lottery. A look at this gentleman's dashas (major planetary periods) reveals that at that time he was under a malefic Moon subperiod. One could never predict such a fortunate experience under the spell of the ruler of the house of losses and expenses.

But wait! He won in Melbourne, Australia. Let's relocate his chart to make it appear as it would if he were born in Australia at the same time.

The above chart is the same person's chart relocated to Melbourne. In a relocated chart the longitudes of the planets do not change, but the houses do. His moon is now a benefic and strong influence (located on the ninth house MEP of good fortune) and better reflects its subperiod rulership at the time of his winning.

You may have wondered where your best places are in the world. I moved to Colorado nearly 25 years ago based on the fact that Mercury, the planet ruling communication, writing, and studies, expressed itself strongly here. Subsequently, I earned a doctorate in counseling and am pursuing my astrological interests as never before. I won't get rich here like the fellow above, but I'll have lots of fun studying and writing about such matters!

Rodden Rating: A