Monthly Visual Vedic
Astrology Forecasts™

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Monthly Visual Vedic Astrology Forecasts vividly illustrate planetary cyles for each rising (not Sun) sign.

Use high cycles to initiate new activities, meet people, and accomplish goals. Use low cycles to exercise patience and rest.

  • Forecasts are based on Systems Approach to Vedic Astrology principles.
  • Rising signs are given in the Sidereal (not Western/Tropical) zodiac. If you do not know your sidereal rising sign, please contact me.
  • Only Transit to Transit planetary aspects are calculated along with house and sign placement.
  • Time Zone used is Mountain Standard Time (-6.0 MDT, Colorado, USA).
  • Over 170 variables are considered in producing these graphs!

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September 2020


Vedic Sidereal Zodiac

This month several planets do the stop-and-go. The heavy bodies of Jupiter and Saturn stop retrograding and turn direct on September 12th and 28th respectively. When planets become stationary their energies intensify for good or not depending on their functional nature. Mars goes into retrograde motion on September 9th until November 13th. As the significator of energy Mars will focus its laser beam to heal or destroy.

Sep 1: Full Moon in Aquarius. Let the light shine through you and onto humanitarian goals and actions. Feel the friendliness and freedom and respond in kind.
Sep 2: Saturn opposes Venus. Responsibility and structure could balance more evenly with creativity and enjoyment. Do the hard work then relax and enjoy the results.
Sep 2: Mercury enters Virgo. The planet of reasoning and communication comes home for almost 3 weeks. Use this time productively to plan, think, write, and express yourself clearly.
Sep 4: Mars squares Venus. The drive to do and accomplish makes a connection with creativity and enjoyment. This may be easier for some than others but by making the effort the rewards will manifest.
Sep 9: Jupiter trines the Sun. Your sense of self and purpose expands and gives generously...hopefully not grandiosely.
Sep 9: Mars turns retrograde. If handled properly the intense energy can be used to achieve wonderous things. If you feel too wired, meditate or enjoy some sleep or rest. Do not overdo.
Sep 12: Jupiter turns direct. The planet of good and plenty plants the seeds of abundance that can grow into something beneficial. What will that be for you?
Sep 16: Sun enters Virgo. Use the next month to do a self-examination and plan a makeover accordingly. The attention to detail will pay off.
Sep 17: New Moon in Virgo. Continue what you started yesterday but with a firm commitment to be successful. And so it is!
Sep 19: Nodes change signs. Rahu enters Taurus and Ketu enters Scorpio. For the next 18.5 months the nodes are in their exaltation which can pay dividends in some respects. Be careful though, their influence can still bite.
Sep 22: Mercury enters Libra. Thoughts of fairness and justice can prevail if room is made. Make space for congenial conversations and creative ideas.
Sep 22: Rahu trines Mercury. Those ambitious ideas have a force of their own and carry you to greater heights...but don't get too carried away by the tide or else you'll find it difficult to return to earth.
Sep 23: Saturn squares Mercury. The mind may tend to worry and procrastinate today. Find a way to urge it toward more productive outlets with tangible results.
Sep 24: Mars opposite Mercury. Your thoughts are racing. What you want to do is not in balance with what you think. Slow down and use this energy to carefully think through your actions.
Sep 27: Venus enters Leo. For the next 3 weeks some may feel like a fire has ignited desire. It's time to showcase your creativity. Be bold and don't hold back.
Sep 27: Ketu trines Venus. This aspect may actually dampen your affections for the day or it could turn them toward higher and more spiritual realms.
Sep 28: Saturn turns direct. For the past 4 1/2 months you may have felt like you've been toiling over the same old ground. For the next 8 months use the direct motion of Saturn to break new ground and steadily achieve goals.

Vedic Sidereal Rising Signs