Monthly Visual Vedic
Astrology Forecasts™

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Monthly Visual Vedic Astrology Forecasts vividly illustrate planetary cyles for each rising (not Sun) sign.

Use high cycles to initiate new activities, meet people, and accomplish goals. Use low cycles to exercise patience and rest.

  • Forecasts are based on Systems Approach to Vedic Astrology principles.
  • Rising signs are given in the Sidereal (not Western/Tropical) zodiac. If you do not know your sidereal rising sign, please contact me.
  • Only Transit to Transit planetary aspects are calculated along with house and sign placement.
  • Time Zone used is Mountain Standard Time (-7.0 MST, Colorado, USA).
  • Over 170 variables are considered in producing these graphs!

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January 2021


Vedic Sidereal Zodiac

Jan 3: Venus enters Sagittarius. For a little over three weeks the planet of pleasure travels through the sign of, uh, travel. If the pandemic prevents you from physically traveling, try exploring interesting places in your mind. Maybe someday you can actually visit there.
Jan 4: Mercury enters Capricorn. For the next three weeks systematic approaches are developed. The hard work is well-thought out and the practical is planned.
Jan 9: Mercury aligns with Saturn. What you began thinking about several days ago can actually take form. Critical thoughts can be helpful here but not when insensitively used toward others.
Jan 11: Mercury aligns with Jupiter. Expand your thinking and let your ideas sail. But don't go overboard!
Jan 12: New Moon in Sagittarius. Time to take a dive into uncharted waters (to use a theme from yesterday). The plunge can be exhilerating!
Jan 13: Sun enters Capricorn. For next month lay a cautious eye on your path up the mountain. Sure and steady you can achieve your destination.
Jan 20: North Node 5th house aspect to Mercury. You may want to inflame with your thought and words. Be careful, there could be karmic repercussions in doing so.
Jan 23: Sun aligns with Saturn. Why so serious! Well, at least be dutiful and do the responsible thing today. You can laugh later in the month.
Jan 25: Mercury enters Aquarius. The planet of analytical thinking, communication, and travel spends a precious few days here before retreating back into Capricorn. Take a moment to get a glimpse of how to serve the needs of others. Then plan its materialization when Mercury is clothed with that Capricornian energy.
Jan 27: Venus enters Capricorn. Pleasure and creativity take a more practical form for the next three weeks. What will that look like for you?
Jan 28: Full Moon in Capricorn. The energy of achievement is in the air. Light shines on what you accomplished...Bravo!
Jan 28: Sun aligns with Jupiter. For some this could be a fulfilling and optimistic day. Fill up with that high octane good feeling and drive to your favorite spot and enjoy the view.
Jan 30: Mercury retrograde for three weeks. Take this time to review a way to serve humankind. Previous ideas on this can be useful.

Vedic Sidereal Rising Signs