Paula Abdul

On June 19, American Idol television star Paula Abdul celebrates her 47th birthday. Her astrological chart clearly reveals her successes and challenges.

Paula's rising sing is Virgo whose ruler, Mercury in Taurus, is strong and placed in the ninth house additionally giving her giving her Sun-like characteristics. Her steady progression as an LA Lakers dancer, Jackson's choreographer, singer, and judge on the popular American Idol talent show nicely illustrates this connection between her first (name and fame) and ninth (good fortune) houses. Aiding this rise in popularity is the Moon's (public) aspect to her fourth (domestic peace, assets) and tenth (profession) houses. The Sun also adds its energy to the house of profession.

Venus, ruler of creativity and entertainment, is a Sun-like planet given its rulership of the second house. Its placement in the eleventh house ties status and wealth with earnings and desires. Venus is weak due to a number of factors among which is its debilitation in Navamsa thus her status and marital situtation have been uneven in life. For example, she has been married twice. This matter is further compounded by Mars affliction to the second house from the eighth house.

It is reported that Paula has a neurological disease that causes chronic pain. This is due to the Ketu-Rahu axis falling squarely on Saturn, ruler of the sixth house of disease, disputes, and accidents. She was said to have an affair with American Idol contestant Corey Clark during his run in season two of that series, however an investigation turned up nothing on the matter. She has also been involved in car and airplane accidents which leave her in constant pain.

Paula will be in her Venus subperiod between October 2010 and June 2013. Look for more news then about her creative output, relationships, and possibly another marriage.