Luciano Pavarotti

Recent news of the hospitalization of Italian opera star Luciano Pavarotti reveals that he could be released soon. His astrological chart clearly holds up under Systems' Approach analysis.

With Cancer rising, Pavarotti's functional malefic planets are Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter, and Saturn. Jupiter seems to be cause of many of his problems. His mom's severe heart condition is reflected in Jupiter's affliction to the 4th house. Because of Jupiter's affliction to the 4th, 8th, and 12th houses, his marriage of 35 years collapsed after he revealed an affair with a younger staff member. The very weak Jupiter is in the 5th house and both represent the pancreas. In a Rahu/Ketu period, he underwent surgery to remove a malignant tumor from his pancreas. Jupiter also rules the hips and he had hip surgery in July, 1998 during a Rahu/Jupiter period. During the same period, he was ordered to pay $2.5 million in back taxes to the Italian government. Jupiter rules the house of sickness, debt, and lawsuits. Pavarotti's professional image has been tainted by his inclination to cancel his performances leading one opera house to sever its ties with the unpredictable singer. This is the result of Jupiter's effect on the 10th house.

On the positive side, the strong Mars, ruler of the 10 house in the 5th house of entertainment and the strong 1st house ruler, Moon, in the 9th house of good fortune have been blessings. Aside from being slightly combust, Mercury is otherwise strong thus making Sun and Venus also strong through dispositorship. Sun, ruler of the 2nd house of status, wealth, and family (he now has four daughters and one granddaughter) benefits from the rays of a strong Moon from the 9th house.

Rodden Rating: AA

Posted 8/10/07


Pavarotti died September 6, 2007 from pancreatic cancer. Rahu is the main period lord and Venus rules the subperiod. Transiting Saturn afflicts weak natal Mercury. The stationary and powerful Rahu-Ketu axis hold weak natal Venus in their grip and afflict natal Saturn, significator for longevity, in the 8th house. 1st house ruler, Moon, was passing through the 12th house of endings.

Posted 9/07/07