Possibilities and Predictions

I don't do astrological readings. A reading implies that I look at a chart and read to you what it means. You nod and say "oh, that's interesting" or something similar. Like drinking water from a fire hose you become overwhelmed with all the heavens have to offer.

Instead, I prefer the term astrological consultation which I've borrowed from the wise and late astrologer Robert Blaschke. To me this indicates a conversation between two people...a give and take. In this inter-relationship discussion, we tune in to and examine the messages from the stars (mostly planets) and weave a celestial-to-earth based narrative that helps bring clarity to one's life. As above, so below. Your active involvement in the process breathes life and meaning into the interpretation. Our time together is collaborative and we both gain insight from the experience.

Also, I do not make predictions. Okay, I do have some predictions on these pages but they are more mundane than personal. Ordaining one's future goes against the very grain of quantum mechanics which reveals possibilities existing simultaneously here, there, and everywhere. In his excellent article The Perils of Astrological Predictions, astrologer Steven Forrest asserts that when we look to the stars we see questions, possibilities, probabilities, and potentials. I also see free will. astrologersA bumpy stretch in the road ahead can be traveled in various ways...it can be avoided, treaded lightly, or run over full-steam ahead. Each produces a very different outcome. How we respond to life's opportunities and challenges defines how comfortable or uncomfortable our experience is. Recently, I foresaw in my own chart such a pothole. The day began with my usual work-out routine followed by a wonderful lunch and astrological consultation with a dear friend. It ended with an unplanned and lengthy stay in an unfamiliar area 40 minutes from my home waiting for my recalcitrant cell phone to be repaired. I found a movie theater nearby and watched an entertaining sci-fi show followed by a delicious barbecue dinner. The talk with the technician fixing my phone was entertaining as we discussed many topics ranging from exabytes and petabytes to rock band software. When I brought my phone home, it still was uncooperative. Waste of time? Hell no. A challenge? Well, it depends. If I had other expectations for how to spend my time, yes. But I didn't. Hence, it was all good.

As long as I have studied and practiced astrology (over four decades) I've heard it said that the stars impel but do not compel. Shakespeare wrote in Julius Caesar, "the fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves". Can we transcend our astrological chart? I think so. Maybe the better question is "How may I best work with univeral influences so that I feel reasonably grounded, at peace, and full of joy?"

Posted on February 1, 2017.