Carlos Santana

Rodden Rating: AA

Grammy award-winning guitarist Carlos Santana has entertained audiences with his amazing fretwork for over 40 years. Like many musicians I have profiled, his chart enjoys a prominent Venus, karaka of artistry and creativity. As ruler of the 7th house of others and placed in the 3rd house of communication and endeavors, Carlos' Venus expresses to us his inner passions. It was during his main Venus period that he emerged into awareness at the legendary Woodstock concert even before his first album was introduced.

The other strong planet in Carlos' chart is Jupiter, ruler of the 9th house of fortune. Placed within reach of the Most Effective Point of the 7th house, it assures a strong and lasting relationship with others that brings incredible rewards. In 1998 Santana was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame during a Jupiter subperiod. During this same Jupiter influence, he received nine out of ten Grammy nominations for his highly successful album, Supernatural.

All has not been smooth in Santana's life, though. He experienced his dad's death at the relatively early age of 21 due to a weak Sun aspected by Ketu from the 8th house. And although a strong Venus held his marriage together for 34 years, it unraveled because of malefic Mercury's placement on the house of its placement.