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Shayn is committed to giving competent and caring astrological guidance based on 50 years of study and practice.

Astrology Consultation

Astrology consultations include up to a 90 minute consultation based on your date, time, and location, at birth. Consultations can be in person or via online conferencing and is audio/video recorded and sent to you.

Areas may include Life Potential, Forecasts, Career, Relationships, Relocation, and Astral Remedies.

  • Three 1-Hour Sessions $380 (save 15%)
  • One 1-Hour Session $150

    *A 3-Month Personalized Visual Vedic Astrology Forecast
    is included with purchase of the Astrology Consultation!



Personalized Visual Vedic Astrology Forecasts™

Triple Transit Graph!

Personalized Visual Visual Vedic Astrology Forecasts™ illustrate planetary cyles for your rising (not Sun) sign. Use high cycles to initiate new activities, meet people, and accomplish goals. Use low cycles to exercise patience and rest.

  • Forecasts are based on Systems Approach to Vedic Astrology principles.
  • Rising signs are given in the Sidereal (not Western/Tropical) zodiac.
  • Triple Transit planetary aspects are calculated along with house and sign placement strengths and weaknesses.
  • Time Zone is calculated for your location
  • Nearly a thousand variables are considered in producing these graphs!

"This is AMAZING!!!! So cool to see a visual of this information".   

"Your reports are very informative and useful. It is helpful to see planetary influences and transits graphed out for the month and knowing what to expect energetically makes me more aware when the energies manifest. You are a very skilled and caring astrologer. Thank you so much."

Transit Graph

"I am a grateful recipient of Dr. Shayn Smith's graph charts and found them to be very accurate in their predictions; they are also wonderful visual aids for understanding what lies ahead regarding one's life.  Having studied the Systems' Approach Astrology technique since 2006, I can appreciate the precise and detailed work that Dr. Smith has brought into his graph charts.  I highly recommend the use of these charts not only for his own clients, but also for other Systems' Approach Astrologers who are interested in further enhancing readings for their clients.  Thank you Shayn for this brilliant contribution to Systems' Approach Astrology."

Mary Araas-Wright, J.V., Systems' Approach Vedic Astrologer


  • One 12-Month Personalized Visual Vedic Forecast $80 (save 20%)
  • One 6-Month Personalized Visual Vedic Forecast $42 (save 15%)
  • One 3-Month Personalized Visual Vedic Forecast $25

    *A 3-Month Personalized Visual Vedic Astrology Forecast
    is included with purchase of the Astrology Consultation!

Personalized Visual Vedic Astrology Forecast


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