"Thank you soooo much for shining light on why certain experiences happened in my life with your gift of Astrology. It helped me so much to understand why I went through some difficult times in my life and also what future possibilities lay ahead. It makes life so much more exciting and adventuresome." M.M., Colorado

"Shayn, that (astrological consultation) was so fabulous earlier today. I can't thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!! It's motivating me to get going... to say the least, and I'm excited and much less worried!!!! Thank you!" C.W., Colorado

"Thank you so much, Shayn.  I enjoyed our session. It was very informative on the two issues I wanted to explore. Your statements about my health weaknesses were 100% on." L.S., Massachusetts   

"Thank you Shayn! It was such a pleasure and joy to speak with you and I'm so happy I went and feel really good coming out of the meeting and the insightful information :) " M.P., Colorado

"I am passing along the name of my VEDIC (East not West) Astrologer (Shayn Smith). I had a super reading and wanted to share. He did not ask me to do this. It was so enlightening..he does not predict future events. It shed a great deal of light on my life path now and past (in this) life events. He figured out my exact birth time as I did not know it. Very scientific how he did it. amazing.. ..computer..fyi!! So do if you wish !!! I loved it. you may too." Tink Hansen, CNS RXN (Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner -Boulder)

"Thank you so much for taking the time today to review my chart with me. I am not sure if I told you this, but this was my first experience with Astrology, and I am pretty fascinated by what we talked about today. Kind of crazy how you could pinpoint the dates of some of the rough times in my past, as well as the good times. I will definitely re-play the audio recording to go back over and review. Thank you again!!!" K.W., Colorado

"I wanted to thank you very much for doing my astrology reading for me! I really enjoyed it and it was very interesting for me. A lot of the stuff is true, too, which is really interesting." A.D., Colorado

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"Ive consulted with [two other astrologers] for about 4 yrs and the descriptions given by both of them are not as balanced in heart and mind as the readings you offer. your generosity is a profound gift of light in the midst of hazzy skies....." L.D., Iowa

"Nice picture & site.Need to look further." G.A., New York

"Shayn provides an amazingly indepth and thorough astrological reading. His caring approach and comprehensive knowledge can help to foster life affirming insight for those he helps." D.S., Colorado

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"When I found out the correct time I was born, I got on the phone and called my friend Shayn. He promptly addressed my upset and sent me my chart. I now get the universal context my life has been developing in. What an eye opening relief." A.S., Colorado

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"your site is great!" L.C., Colorado

"I was really interested in the career portion of this reading, as well as the part about my mother and father. I worry about them a lot and try to do as much as I can to help them. I was most interested in the part about my mom's health. She's been getting better slowly, but she's been sick for quite a while. It's strange that you were able to read into that. The love portion stirred up some thoughts too. Wondering what's going to happen on or around January 27 now! :) It was eerie how well this pegged some things and my personality too." R.M., Colorado

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"Very nice website-excellent analysis of Tiger Woods and Johnny Depp. Excellent description of the different zodiacs, and I really like your pilot study, thats the first I've seen asking people how the planetary placements in the 2 systems fits them, very interesting about the ascendant and Mercury results. I am going to send your link to my stepmother, she is a Western enthusiast and your site succinctly explains the two systems. "-SP, Internet

"Just wanted to say thanks again for the astrology reading. It was fascinating information! I told my boyfirend about the description of men who I would attract, and he said, “CREEPY!” because it described him so well. (My thoughts exactly!) Now he’s interested in a getting a reading done… Really, thinking about it all, I can identify with most of what you read. You must really know what you’re doing… I’m looking forward to listening to the CD that you’re making; I want to think about some of the things you said. " E.C., Colorado