Tiger Woods

Focus this week at the PGA Golf Championship in New Jersey is once again on Tiger Woods. This year, Tiger won the Masters and the British Open. He finished second in the U. S. Open. If Tiger wins this championship he'll be tied for second place in the all time maor tournament win column. Not bad for someone not yet 30 years of age!

Strong Venus, ruler of the 2nd house of status, wealth, and family is placed near the most effective point (MEP) of the 3rd house of initiatives, courage, and competetiveness. It also aspects the 9th house of father (we all have heard how influential he is in Tiger's life) and good fortune. In fact, his early successes were helped by his Venus Mahadasa from 1984 to 2004.

Life hasn't been all that easy for Tiger, though, as he has endured racial taunts and discrimination in his bid to break into the primarily white game of golf. Ketu afflicts the 1st house MEP from the 8th house of obstacles. Mars afflicts the debilitated and otherwise weak Moon causing obvious mental and emotional pain.

Now that the malefic Sun Mahadasa is in place, does that mean he stops winning? Apparently not. The Sun, a royal planet, is well-placed and suffers weakness only on account of a weak dispositor. It does not afflict so therefore brings the good significations of the 12th house (donations to charities, foreign travels, enlightenment) to the 4th house of mental peace, confidence, mother, and assets.

Will he win at Baltusrol Golf Club this week? His confidence is high as transiting Jupiter comes to a conjunction with natal Jupiter. There are some separating negative influences (transiting Saturn to natal Saturn; transiting Rahu/Ketu to natal Mars) that shouldn't figure in to the equation. The key rests with the transit to transit influences which all the golfers experience. In Tiger's case, however, Mercury, Moon, and Jupiter are all weak in his natal chart and are afflicted in transit. I am predicting that there are golfers with these planets much stronger in their charts who will prevail.

Chart posted on August 11, 2005.

Rodden Rating: AA, B.C. in hand, LMR